Robotic Sting Ray Anti-Ship Weapon Scheme


Is it conceivable to make an enemy of boat weapon to enhance our US Navy, one which could utilize a plan of eating through the frame of a boat with a receptive compound course of some kind or another? How should somebody plan such a framework? Indeed, it just so turns out that I composed an article once on a weapon idea that would eat through the body of a boat.


These creative developments would utilize a mechanical Sting Ray stage to convey the compound, and it would go up to the boat and connect itself, and afterward break down the metal in a re-dynamic way. When it ate the entire way through, it would  45 70 un-connect itself leaving a goliath opening in the boat’s structure. Such a framework would be extremely difficult to distinguish and when connected it would have constantly it expected to approach its cycle, while nobody would be the smarter, regardless of whether the boat was caught up with crossing the ocean.


Presently then, suppose our foe were to foster such a framework first? Might we at some point forestall it? Indeed, I accept in this way, subsequent to concocting the principal mechanical enemy of boat stingray conspire, I felt terrible so I thought of an idea to forestall it; an automated fish (RoboTuna type idea) that could review the frame and check whether anything were joined.


It just so happens, there are numerous profoundly destructive reactants, metal eating microscopic organisms, and little dangerous gadgets clearly, so this gadget is easy to consummate. There is a book I’d like you to peruse to give you significantly more thoughts on this magnificent idea, it’s by Clyde Cussler; Dark Watch, which was totally fascinating. If it’s not too much trouble, think about this.

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