How to Fix Psapi.Dll Errors and Restore Missing System Files

How to Fix Psapi.Dll Errors and Restore Missing System Files


As you’re trying to fix psapi.dll problems, you should know that the error manifests in one of five ways:

1) “Psapi.dll Not Found”
2) “This application failed to start because psapi.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may  fix this problem.”
3) “Cannot find [PATH]\psapi.dll”
4) “The file psapi.dll is missing.”
5) “Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component is missing: psapi.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again.”

These errors are caused by a missing or corrupt psapi.dll. If you’ve done other research, you might see sites that advise you to go somewhere to download a.dll file. However, this is generally a bad idea, because these sites can be quite dangerous (they are often unapproved or dangerous).

What Causes My Psapi.dll Error?

There can be a few causes for your error. Malicious programs and viruses are often a likely culprit. However, it could be a simple case of redundancy, in which a program (notably IE7) has installed a “new” dll and is trying to access the “wrong” one. It could also be that you accidentally deleted the file. It could even be a hardware driver issue. Sometimes it is a registry error.

Troubleshooting Your DLL error

If you’re getting the error message when you start a program, then you’ll want to first reinstall the program. It is likely that the program didn’t install correctly and is failing at accessing your system files.


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