Thetan on Your Back?

Thetan on Your Back?

It is a shock to me that in a high level nation like Russia this outrageous instance of Thetan over-burden was not perceived sooner.


Implied in the article is the way that the “have” had guaranteed that he was snatched by a UFO in 1996.


Be careful the Dreaded Theet O Vac!


He had additionally reached L Ron Hubbard’s popular Thetan evacuation organization, the scientology “church”. They had let him know that he could be dealt with however it would mean sending a ‘Top Gun’ to Russia and cost in the neighborhood of 300 to 350,000 USD. He was informed that the ‘Top Gun’ was occupied with a conflict film and couldn’t 243 ammo   come for quite a long time.


Igor chose to add to the Theet store and get the designs for a Theet O Meter. He collected the meter in his kitchen and before long found that he was stacked.


Be careful the Dreaded Theet O Vac!


When Thetans have assimilated the quickest method for starting to be ‘clear’ is to remove them. The spirits had become clustered and are starting to shape another organic entity. This is the most hazardous sort of Thetan disease. When the new creature is finished it kills the Host and will start another life. It expects the Host personality and starts its mission to run humankind.


History shows us what this can do. Adolph Hitler was tainted and look what occurred!


Cases like Igor would not benefit from outside input with the Theet O Vac alone. After medical procedure the ‘Vac is utilized alongside the ‘Meter to guarantee that there is no re-disease. The underlying evacuation work should be finished in a medical clinic by a specialist who can perceive the outsider material and cut is out like the malignant growth it is.


Get your Theet O Meter designs today and keep this from happening to you and your loved ones.


I go by Garret Von Kalberg. I’m Knight of predetermination, I have appeared as an experienced man. I have a guide of the Planet Earth. On the guide an area of New Mexico is orbited. I have taken numerous different structures during my 17 million Earth long stretches of presence. These structures have included being a Dragon Slayer for King Arthur, filling in as a Pope in the mid seventeenth hundred years, selling vehicles in France for two or three years in the twentieth hundred years, and as a specialist on Mars during the last Great Flood. I’m here now to assist with publicizing the Theetan project. I have been educated by abilities that you couldn’t in any way, shape or form understand (The Big Head) that this is THE main undertaking people have at any point been engaged with. Its fruition will make room for physicists to comprehend crafted by German researcher Burkhard Heim plainly. This will allow people to develope a hyperdrive drive engine and have their spot in the Universe alongside other harmony cherishing species.

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