Types of Diamond Jewelry

 Types of Diamond Jewelry


While diamonds are an object of desire across the board, individuals carry their own preferences for the Swarovski  pieces of jewelry, set in these precious stones. We are dealing with a subject that is very close to every woman’s heart. You can’t blame them for their near fatal attraction towards diamonds either or for that matter any form of jewelry. Given a choice and access to a good credit card, a woman would love to own a little of everything from a simple diamond solitaire ring to the most elaborate of gold diamond hoop earrings and gold stud diamond earrings. For me however diamond necklaces and pendants hold special attraction and if you have not yet fallen for these beauties, wait till you see as to what all is on offer today.

Around the neck

Having been actively involved in collecting bits and pieces of diamond jewelry over many years like so many others; I have a fairly clear picture on how each piece creates its own effect even for a casual onlooker. And it that onlooker is someone close to your heart; you could be floating on cloud nine as his sweet adulatory words fall softly in your ears. The category that you have to fall in love with instantaneously is the veritable necklace and pendant combination. Here, the craftsman’s imagination knows no bounds where necklaces are concerned and every manufacturer will have his signature pieces to attract you. The most likable and ones that have stood the test of time however fall under one of the following categories:

Since jewelry connects directly with the heart, the first to be considered are the heart pendants. These lovable works of art come in a number of imaginative combinations shaped in the form of a heart; the only limit being the ingenuity of the creator and each with a unique arrangement diamonds of different categories. Metal used could be sterling silver or 10-14 K white gold.


The next group includes a vast collection of diamond cross pendants that can floor anyone. Each a killer in its own right, these are set in imaginative and delicately shaped crosses with varying number of diamonds in each. While individual preferences may vary, the shapes that find universal acceptance are the ‘angel wing necklace’




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