Ways to Accurately Measure Your Bra Size  

 Ways to Accurately Measure Your Bra Size



Easily 75% of women are wearing the wrong bra for their shape. For whatever reason, your bra size will likely change with the passage of time. If your body changes bra sizing charts

, consult with a professional fitter. These guidelines will ensure a properly fitting bra.

Use these tools to help measure yourself: A cloth or flexible plastic tape measure, a mirror and a conversion chart (available at most bra stores or online).

Take off the bra you are wearing now. It may be that the fit is poor. If your bra doesn’t fit well don’t use that as a guide for a measurement.

By using a measurement tape you can easily find out your bust size. The tape measure should be wrapped directly under the breasts. The tape must be wrapped around your body at the same even height all the way around. The tape hanging too low, will get too large a band size, also if it is too high or too tight around your body it is possible that you will get the wrong size. Use this measurement when looking for a band size. An example; a 36 inch measurement around, might indicate a 36-inch bra band.

Measure the full part of the breasts as a part of second measuring. Here is the trickiest part, the part that truly separates a professional from an amateur fitting. Mostly there will be some variation because very few women measure exactly the right mark. The proper way to get a good measurement when you are doing it yourself at home is to measure twice and subtract the first number. The way it works it this:  if you are measuring 1″ then an A would be your cup size and on up, 2″ equals a B, 3″ would be a C and you get the picture.

Ten years back, bra fitters added four to five inches to the measurement to decide band size. When you’re a size 36″, they’d let you try on a size 40″ or 41″ bra. A number like this is very inaccurate for a lot of females. To properly fit a bra correctly having the band fit snugly around your ribcage while set on the widest hook would allow for the best fit and comfort. Along with washing and usage the bra requires tighter hooks. This is a good reason to choose a bra that is tight at the loosest hook, when buying.




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