A Brief Study On Gun Slips and Riding Crops

 A Brief Study On Gun Slips and Riding Crops


In today’s world, be it for sports or for necessity, we always want our accessories to not only look good but also be safe and protective. Let me give a briefing on two .38 special ammo  items that have an element of elegance and have a varied use. Gun slips and riding crops are the products discussed here under.

Gun Slips: The use of an authorized gun slip or gun cabinet can increase the life of the fire arms. Dacoits, Maoists and terrorists carry guns hanging from their shoulders. But civilized people who possess a gun or a riffle carry them accordingly and obediently in a hard riffle case, also known as the gun slip. If we trace back in the 18th century, the gun holsters were meant to safely hold the gun in place when you are out and carrying it with you.

Whether to give it a cowboy feel or just for the safety of your gun, it is essential to always keep your gun in a gun slip. With so many gun slips available in the market it is essential to choose the perfect holder for your gun. Things that one needs to keep in mind are the fit, material, quality, and design. Having the right fit is necessary as when the gun is slipped into the holder it should glide smoothly. Opting for the right material is a must too as it should have the resistance to tearing and flexing. One should also ensure that he purchases the premium quality product when it comes to gun slips. Finally, getting a design that suits your personality is something one should look into.

Riding Crop: A crop usually consists of a long shaft of fiber glass or cane or which is covered in leather, or fabric, or any similar material. Riding crops are generally used in horse racing. It is another name for a short whip used by horse-back riders. Riding crop or hunting crop is a short type of whip without lash. The rod of the crop thickens at one end forming a handle, and terminates a thin, flexible tress such as wound cord or a leather tongue. The crops are designed to back up the natural aids of the rider.



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